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Shops "Cigars, Tubes, Hookahs"
П.Ильича: 8(915)0004136 Марьино: 8(916)3549159
Люберцы: 8(925)1671691 Офис: 8(926)3067887
Кожуховская: 8(915)307-55-81 8(985)2205858

  We invite all residents and guests of the city to the stores of tobacco products and accessories, which are :
  1.Shopping center " Mariel " at -  Lublin st., house 169, ground floor.
  2.Shopping center "Grand City" - Zolotorojskiy val st. 42 
  3.Shopping center "Mozaika" - 7-ya Kojukhovskaya st. 9, first floor.
  4.Shopping center "Kalibri" - Novoryazanskoe shosse 1A.
  By visiting our store , you can buy tobacco pipes, e-cigarettes, pipe and cigarette tobacco , cigars , lighters , hookahs from leading manufacturers, as well as souvenirs and varieties of accessories at the lowest price. Our trained staff will be happy to help you make the right choice.
  Come to us , we are always happy to see you among our customers shop, and we are confident that the quality of goods and services, will leave you a good impression .
  Cigar - it`s not just an element of smoking, is the harmony, style, enjoyment and pleasure. If you choose a cigar to his liking, it will create the appropriate mood , becoming the faithful companion in solitude or a good company.
  East - a delicate and far . It is easy to join him, inhaling his scent , you can use the hookah. Hookah home will become a place of peace and comfort. To date, hookahs were exotic entertainment, but their ceremonies, rituals and etiquette come down to us in its original form.
  We have presented a variety of hookahs, tobacco , coal and all the necessary accessories. Having bought a hookah as a gift - give the opportunity to the friends of Oriental touch to the ancient tradition.
  Pipe smoking - is a real aesthetic process, consisting of its tamping, puffing and subsequent long contemplation that it produces smoke . And true connoisseurs would not have traded this complicated process to ordinary cigarettes are comfortable - in fact pipes create a very special, incomparable aura.
  Try it - tobacco pipes are able to fill their surroundings with bright colors, to see the beauty and the perfect appropriateness of each of lived moments .

We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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